"It [the COA session] gave me direction and comfort, and that is exactly what I needed."

Former COA participant in Jordan, 2019

"Learning that there are a number of supports for my daughter and myself, is so assuring. My worries were reduced, and I have gained a realistic perception on how to handle the challenges coming my way. I am hopeful for the brighter future and determined to do my level best."

- Former COA participant in Malaysia, 2019

"On the first day, I was nervous about what would be asked of me, but as soon as the facilitator shared the objectives of COA, I relaxed and felt at peace. The facilitator encouraged everyone to ask questions and share any concerns. Different methods of training like lecture, flash cards, videos and group activities made me get fully involved in the session."

- Former COA participant in Pakistan, 2019

"I learned that Canada has many opportunities for serious seekers. I was kind of relieved when we discussed the culture shock as it directly related to my struggles in Lebanon. I felt I will be OK knowing that it is a normal adaptation process for any migrant and that I could seek help and support once in Canada."

- Former COA participant in Lebanon, 2019

"My fears of starting life in Quebec and learning the French language disappeared when I learned about free French classes for adults and how teachers help students in learning the language fast with other students in schools. These three days were full of joy, gaining knowledge, and help to understand and know about life in Canada."

- Former COA participant in Pakistan, 2020